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Tony Tucker - Member no 497

Car Type: Chesil Speedster AJT 356A

Contact email:

Based in: Carshalton, Surrey

Joined Club: September 2001

I am Events Co-ordinator for the Club and have owned my Speedster since August 2001.  In my opinion, it is the best-looking car ever to come out of the Chesil factory, with every available extra on it and the most beautiful colour I have seen on any Speedster ­ pearlescent Glacier Green Silver with cream leather interior with fern green piping and a silver green dashboard with cream dials.  The car was featured on the cover and in a main article in 911 and Porsche World (July 2001) and was also the car featured in Channel 5 TV's programme "The Dream Machine", first shown in 2003 and repeated 5 or 6 times since on the Discovery Channel.

I call the car Hermes after the Greek God of Speed ­ the winged messenger of the gods!  It has the unique number plate AJT 356A and I may well be the only person in the country with his own initials (Antony Jon Tucker) and the car's model number on the same plate.

The car is built on a 1964 Beetle chassis and has an 1800cc engine, high-ratio gearbox, IRS, lowered driver's side floor-pan, stainless steel exhaust and luggage rack, wind-up windows, external filler cap, Nardi woodtrim steering wheel and full leather interior.  I also sport what I consider an essential accessory, a high quality car bra made in California, which I bought the week after I got the car and use only on motorway journeys, but which has preserved the front of the car from stone-chips and fully compensates for the ribbing I have to take from other Club members!

Hermes has appreciated in value by about 25% since 2001, is tax-free, costs less than £200 per annum to insure fully-comp and has run up a total of service and repair bills of less than £2,000 in 7 years.  This compares with my Golf GTi which has depreciated by (no, I won't go on!)
Hermes is not, and will never be, for sale!


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Tony is the Events Co-ordinator for the Speedsters & Spyders Club

Based in Carshalton Beeches, Surrey

07899 654 543 (mob)     020 8643 2531 (home)  

 or email:

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