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  This offer provided by Stan Ratcliffe of RBS Ltd

Help to keep your Speedster Replica safe - add the latest anti-theft technology to your car with our 3 in 1 security kit.
1. Self-monitored GPS tracker with NO annual fees (although text message tariffs' may apply)
2. Holographic anti-tamper ID tags to mark components (Thieves do not like marked items).
3. Covert (so the thief doesn't know which items are marked) RFID microchips to provide a link between the item and the crime.
New Feature
Capable of recording your journey and then by plugging into your PC showing your route on Google maps - great for planning a drive or just the fun of recording a trip.
All this just £149 and it can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

GPS Security tracker normally £149 - club members’ price £129

Have you been wondering why, despite our ads and publicity, you haven’t heard many club members talking about our GPS tracker? Well, that’s a good thing, simply because we can’t stress enough how knowledge can help the thief defeat the protection afforded by any of the trackers available on the market. So remember ‘careless talk costs cars’. However, if you are engaged in conversation, it’s perfectly all right to show off knowledge about the way the various trackers work, just don’t mention which one, if any, is installed in your car.
Over the past few months we have had many questions so we thought it might be useful to expand on the most common ones.
1. Is car crime decreasing?
Current cars, even those in the lower price brackets, are being sold with high-tech security features which makes them much more difficult for the thief to steal, and so car-jacking and breaking into houses to steal the keys/activation fobs are becoming more prevalent. It is also true that thieves are turning to kit cars and classic vehicles which are easier to steal yet just as rewarding to sell.
2. How does the tracker work if the car is in a garage or lock-up where there is no GPS signal?
This is a particularly important point at this time of year as many enthusiasts take their cars off the road for winter fettling. Yet it is also the best time of year, with dark evenings and mornings, for the thief to strike. The GPS signal is relatively weak, it has to travel over 11,000 miles from a 60watt power source. Compare that to Radio Two which probably travels less than 20 miles from a 10,000 watt power source. The GPS signal will likely disappear just inside the garage doors long before the mobile phone signal is lost. Check it by calling the tracker and see if the text message has any numbers in the longitude and latitude. These will be blank or zero if there is no GPS reception. This is perfectly OK and sending the move command will now store zeroes in the tracker. The tracker doesn’t know actually where it is, such as Acacia Avenue, just the numbers for its Longitude and Latitude calculated by trilateration from the GPS data it receives. If it remains in the garage these numbers will remain as zeroes. The tracker checks for movement by taking the latest longitude and latitude away from the stored longitude and latitude and if the differences aren’t both zero then it knows it has moved and will send you the warning message. So if your car is moved out of the garage the tracker will pick up the GPS signal, make the calculations and see the differences are not zero and send the warning message together with its co-ordinates and speed.
3. Why does the tracker kit include Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) microchips and Anti-Tamper ID tags?
Marking the vehicle and its components, including glass, is a deterrent as no thief or person handling stolen goods wants to be found with items in their possession which can be linked to a crime. However Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) were not standardised until 1977 when the International Standards Organisation introduced ISO 3379. This enabled all manufacturers to put a unique ID onto every vehicle that not only described and matched the parts but also gave each vehicle a unique individual identity.
Kit cars are often the product of many different car parts so a VIN isn’t really appropriate. The anti-tamper ID tags enable you to mark various parts of the vehicle and your tools as a deterrent. Because we sell these ID packs separately from the tracker, the existence of these ID tags does not necessarily mean our tracker is fitted. Moreover the RFID microchip(s) can be hidden thus providing covert ID to some parts. The FREE registration on the police database ( allows the police to quickly check the true owner’s identity for any item found, even if it is no longer part of the vehicle. We strongly advocate that members register and create their own password-secure account and register their possessions, whether or not they use our security ID packs, but in any case recording manufacturers’ serial numbers. It will help the police and be welcomed by your insurers (possibly not to the extent of a discount off your premium, but if it deters a theft or returns your property it will help keep your no claims discount).
4. I have an older car with a 6volt system; will the tracker work?
Yes. The voltage transformer now connects with either 6volt or 12volt systems and supplies the tracker with a suitable voltage and current.
5. Does it matter if my car is positive or negative earth?
The voltage transformer has two wires - positive and negative – which, providing they are connected to the positive and negative side of the battery, will power the tracker. The tracker does not require any earthing connection to the vehicle.
6. PAYG (Pay As You Go) SIM Cards Voice Mail Default Setting.
Some mobile phone services are providing PAYG SIM set so that incoming voice calls are automatically redirected to the service provider’s Voice Mail system. This means that you have to pay for a call to retrieve the message. It also means that when you call the tracker to find out where it is the call is picked up by the voice mail and no response is sent. It is vital that BEFORE inserting the SIM card into the tracker, you check the default setting (ask the provider) and turn off the voice mail setting. If you don’t discover this until after you have put the SIM card into the tracker then you will need to go through the initialisation process again (only takes about 5 minutes) once the voice mail setting has been turned off.
7. PAYG SIM cards – Is there a cheaper option and do I have to call it at least once a month?
PAYG text messages are cheap, about 10p per message, so it is unlikely to cost more than £5 a year to run the tracker. However it is probably a better choice to ask your contract mobile phone provider for another SIM card, with a different telephone number, to be put on your contract. This should avoid the common PAYG problem of your having to use the SIM card at least once a month otherwise the number may be de-activated by the provider. It will also mean you can use your FREE text message allowance against any messages sent by the tracker so that it costs nothing to run.


See how our GPS security tracker works on our YouTube video
Speedsters & Spyders Club members get 20+% discount - use the password gertie1972 at our on-line shop

These are simple 2-wire (+ and -) DIY kits  with instructions, although if in doubt please consult your local garage/auto electrician

There are no annual fees only the cost of any text messages which at 10-12p each is unlikely to exceed £5-£10 per annum

These kits will help protect your no-claims bonus by foiling attempted theft and thus preventing a total replacement claim

Comparison Chart (Internet 26th April 2011)

Product Cost Fitting Annual Fee
Tracker Monitor (VHF Ground Stations)
£361 Inc. £149
Tracker Locate (VHF + GPS) £462 Inc. £174
Phantom Target (GPS Owner MUST tell Phantom that the vehicle has been stolen) £399 Inc. £99
Phantom Proactive (GPS  Requires an alarm to be fitted at extra cost) £499 Inc. £99
Cobra Trak First (GPS recognise movement without ignition key but requires owners notification if moved with ignition key)
£POA £169
Cobra Trak 5 (GPS) £699 Inc. £204
Defender (monitored service with internal alarms) £649 Inc. £95

Stan Ratcliffe

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