How the Club Started

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Although the original Porsche Speedster was designed as a stripped-down, cut-price 356, intended to do battle with the 'cheap' MGs and the like in the American market, it became one of the most sought-after classics of the boom period in collector cars.
Originally sold for a whisker short of $3,000, excellent examples were changing hands a couple of decades after production ceased for around £70,000!

The distinctive inverted 'bath-tub' shape caught the imagination of enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic and, when prices went ballistic with some reaching in excess of £140,000, the replica was born.

Just about every owner was an enthusiast - so someone just had to start a Club

Founded in November 1992

Through 1991 and 1992 a stream of suggestions and requests could be heard on UK replica manufacturer Chesil Speedsters stand at shows - and so strong did the demand for a Club become that it was decided to launch "Speedsters - the Club!" at the 1992 South West Kit and Sports Car show in November.

Amid popping champagne corks (well, sparkling wine anyway) on the Chesil stand at Bristol's Dockside Exhibition Centre, the Club was born. Naturally the earliest members were Chesil (and forerunner Street Beetle) customers, but the Club is intended to cater for the needs of all Speedster enthusiasts - from the original Porsche, through all the many replica makers from around the world, to people who don't even own a Speedster but just love the shape!

Soon, owners of 550 and 718 Spyders were asking if they could join as attempts to launch a club specifically for them had not really taken off. The similarities are obvious and these enthusiasts were welcomed with open arms. So successful was this move that the Club was eventually renamed "Speedsters & Spyders - the Club!".


Members all over the world

Founder members were Vernon and Yvonne Mortimer, who ran the organisation from their base in Somerset until the end of 2010

In January 2011, member Rob Jones took over as Club Administrator with contact details as below:

Rob Jones - Speedsters & Spyders Club
27 Broomfield Ride
Surrey KT22 0LP


tel: 01372 842 224 or 07767 306 355

Since the launch, several hundred enthusiasts have enrolled into the Club and consist of those looking for a used Speedster or Spyder, starting to collect the components to build a new one, in the process of assembly, having placed the order for a complete 'turnkey' car from a manufacturer - and those currently driving around in one!

Interestingly, over one third of the members do not actually own a Speedster or Spyder at the moment - and several of these have no intention of doing so. They simply want to read about them, look at them and talk about them, being in constant contact with fellow enthusiasts.

Members are situated all over the UK and overseas, in such countries as Germany, Ireland, Sweden - as far afield as America and even 'Down Under' in New Zealand.

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