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Nick Schon - Member no 821

Car Type: Chesil Speedster


Based in: Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire

Joined Club: April 2009

Thought you might be interested in my project, which is nearing completion. I'm including a few pictures to show its stages. 

I bought the completed chassis on ebay. It was a real leap of faith, but I had been thinking and planning this, my first engineering project for ages and hadn't actually done anything, so when a friend saw the almost finished chassis advertised, he told me to leap-frog the messy parts and start with what looked like a very good, rolling chassis.

I checked everything and it was indeed, excellent: adjustable front beam and rear spring-plates, 5-stud hubs, front discs, dual circuit brakes, reconditioned Cog Box gearbox, all new (red) poly bushes, everything painted in silver POR-15 and even a forward mounted heater lever.

I then bought a longblock 1776cc (originally 1600cc) engine the same way, except when I split the block to check what was inside, I wasn't so happy. It was full of swarf and crud, and obviously only two cylinders had ever fired when it was tested. So I sent it to JD Engines in Derby who completely stripped it and rebuilt it for me with an auxiliary oil cooler and filter.

All the old and new parts were ok, but it needed to be assembled correctly. When I got it home, I fired up the twin Webers and it worked fine. It slotted into the chassis perfectly, and then Peter Bailey came and collected it.



 click on pic to enlarge

It is the first car Peter has finished since taking back the reins of Chesil. After a lot of thought I chose Merc Polar Silver and matt black leather interior and slotted seats, and was at Chesil for the coming together of chassis and body.

Atlhough the cost of Chesil painting the body is high, it looks a million dollars. I want to fit the early low-bow hood and frame. Peter is developing one for me. It looks much cooler than the high-bow hood nearly all Speedsters have, but since I hope it won't be up much, and even when it is up, I won't be wearing a top hat, I would rather go for looks. It's now only a few days away from the new IVA test. Peter is not at all sure how it will fare because the test seems to leave the tester quite a lot of discretion, but we'll see. Obviously I'm hopping from one foot to the other to get my paws on the finished article. Not long now I hope.

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