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The Speedsters & Spyders Club Event Organiser is Tony Tucker who can be contacted on ajt@speedsters.com or 07899 654 543

Additional information re events booking (updated 1st May 2017)

Blackmore Vale Revival Show
The link to book for this show at Henstridge in Somerset on Sat 1st July is:
Everyone needs to register via this link and let Tony know that you are coming so that he can book appropriate parking space

'Simply Porsche' TIPEC Show
Again, Club Members need to book direct with the event organisers.
The link to book for this show Beaulieu on Sunday 4th June is:
You need to let Tony know that you are coming as we are hoping to organise a parking space with TIPEC so all Speedsters can park together.

Tony Tucker's PREVIEW of 2017 Club Events

The Volksworld Show at Sandown Park (25th March) has this year put up prices, abolished the free entry for Senior Citizens (we don’t even get a concession – it’s full price or nothing!) and is charging dealers so much for a stall that the couple of traders who I know have given up attending, as the amount of stuff they need to sell in order to justify the cost of a stand is impossible to achieve. However, it remained a great show if they can get the charging and organisation details sorted.

But the Castle Combe Action Day will still be a big attraction in June, I hear you say! Well, actually...No! Last year’s worrying experience, when the show, sponsored by Complete Kit Car, saw loads of appalling kit cars and a complete disappearance of the magnificent classics that had been a regular feature for so many years, was a foretaste of what was to come. We also lost our parking base in the paddock and were sent way down the road, out of sight. This year, the date has been put back a month to late July (Saturday 22nd – the day before Brooklands) and has been opened up to all and every make of car – so expect lots of boy racers in souped-up Minis, plenty of kit cars and not a proper classic to be seen! What’s even worse is that, to gain a site for a club in the main paddock, every car will need to pay an entry fee (in the past, it’s always been free for car plus driver), otherwise parking is even further down the road than last year! So I’m going to forget that event.
All is not lost, however! We will still attend Stoneleigh Park on 30th April because we are holding the AGM there in the afternoon and awarding the Best In Show trophy as well. We will also be attending and Brooklands on 23rd July, and I have a few other suggestions that might turn out well.

It seems that TIPEC have now re-established their annual show, which we used to attend many years ago, but is now based at Beaulieu. Simply Porsche is on Sunday, 4th June and entry is from 9.30am with bacon rolls etc on sale in the Brabazon restaurant. You need a ticket, purchased online (check any Beaulieu or TIPEC website) at a discounted price for our cars. I know the organizer and he would welcome our participation. Again, let me know if you book, so that I can get sufficient space allocated on site to enable us to park together.

Then there is an event called the Blackmore Vale Revival at Henstridge in Somerset on Saturday, 1st July. This show takes place on an airfield and is gaining quite a following (now in its third year), with lots of classic car clubs attending and some air displays, plus other attractions as well. This year’s show will feature a fly-past by a Spitfire, among other things, and dressing up in vintage costume (a la Goodwood Revival) is welcomed! I have been in touch with the organiser and am told that we need to book online individually, but that we will be allocated an area to park together at the show. Have a look at their website and let me know (ajt@speedsters.com) if you have booked, and I’ll get the appropriate space allocated to us. We can review this at the AGM.

After this, there is the Brooklands Retrojumble and Classic Car Show on Sunday, 23rd July, for which I will book a club site – but, again, I’d like to know who’s going, so that I can book the right amount of space. Brooklands is such a great venue, with so much to see, that it is always worth an annual visit.

Gerald Dawson has drawn my attention to a Family Sports Car Day on Sunday, 30th July at Castle Combe - organized by the Bristol Motor Club. At first I thought that this might be a good substitute for the old CC Action Day, but it is only a week after Brooklands and I think the Henstridge event in a similar part of the country at the beginning of July might be a better option for a club get-together. However, the BMC event sounds good, so check out the BMC website and, again, let me know if you want to go and we’ll see if it’s worth arranging a meet-up.

There are two other shows that several members regularly attend and rate highly: the Wings and Wheels Retro Festival at White Waltham, normally in August; and the Pistons & Props at Sywell Classic, Northants, on 23rd and 24th September.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, I can find no information at all about the White Waltham event this year, so don’t know whether it’s on or not. Cars are only a part of it, with antiques stalls, entertainment, air displays etc as well, but it’s strange that it’s not being advertised yet. As it’s later in the season, we’ll have time to make arrangements later on, if we want to.

The Sywell event is undoubtedly a great one and at a good time of year as well, filling a gap in late September. However, there is a mandatory requirement for any club booking a site to guarantee at least 5 cars on site on both days. I think this will be difficult for us, as I can’t imagine many members camping overnight, while to get another 5 cars there the next day is a bit unlikely. We can discuss this at the AGM if necessary. But John Mercer always attends this meeting, staying both days, so anyone wishing to go can contact him and arrange to meet up – there were several members there last year, I believe.

So, in summary, I am suggesting that we all meet at:
Stoneleigh Park/AGM (30th April); Beaulieu/TIPEC (4th June); Henstridge/Blackmore Vale Revival (1st July); and Brooklands (23rd July), with the other events mentioned above being additional possible opportunities for a few, or a number, of members to meet up.

If individual members intend to attend other events, which I know many will, then make sure you publicise the event on our website or Facebook page and maybe others will join you to give the club a bit more representation. And always send a report, plus photos, to Vernon for the magazine, if possible!

There is now a distinct sign of Spring in the air, so my car will be on the road again soon – it had an outing (hood down) on Christmas Day in the morning, but has otherwise, for most of the time, been sleeping under its cover in the garage, with just an occasional engine start-up to keep it happy (I have a battery conditioner always connected, to ensure that I don’t find that the car won’t start).

Let’s hope that we can all get out and about in the near future and, if not before, meet up at Stoneleigh Park.


Here is a link to a general list of several hundred 2017 Classic Car Events compiled by John Mercer.


2017 Events Reports

Volksworld Show at Sandown Park (25th March)

National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh Park (30th April)

2016 Events Reports

Sunday 1st January:
Brooklands New Year's Day Gathering

Sat/Sun 2nd & 3rd April:
Volksworld Show - Sandown Park

Saturday 23rd April:
Incarnation Brighton

Sunday & Monday 1st & 2nd May:
National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh Park

Saturday 5th June:
Simply Porsche - Beaulieu Motor Museum

Saturday 5th June:
VW Expo - Stonor Park

Sunday 19th June:
Quex Park Classic Show

Sat 25th June:
Classic Kit & Retro Action Day - Castle Combe

Saturday 23rd July:
Club AGM at the Fairmile

Sunday 24th July:
Brooklands Classic Show

Sunday 14th August:
Cranleigh Classic Show

Sunday 11th September:
Edenbridge Classic Show

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September:
Sywell Classic - Pistons & Props

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th November:
Classic Vehicle Restoration Show - Shepton Mallett


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