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Stephen Blower - Member no 729

Tygan/Chesil Speedster Reg No: RHZ 1356

Based in: Morden, Surrey


I have a light coloured – ivory, Chesil/Tygan Speedster bought when Jerry Baker was the owner but didn’t collect it until Tygan had bought them out. The final payments went to Tygan.... I must say though that Peter Bailey was the guy who sold me the car. I went for a visit to Dorset  prior to buying the car and was thoroughly  impressed by Peter and Goose...didn’t have the money then, had to sell my E-Type to get the funds. I fully intended to buy a silver coloured with burgundy interior car on my drive down but saw a beautiful ivory car in the shop when I visited. That was it, colour interior to be sensible – everyday car.

I have had opportunity to add to the car specification due to events – new rebuilt engine and various electrical updates – electronic ignition by Arnie Levics to which an electronic fuel pump was added. I had a niggle about the fuel pump as I thought, if I’m in a crash, it’ll still pump....didn’t like it, so I added an inertia switch from a Peugeot 205 which cuts the fuel on impact. Also installed an inline fuel regulator to reduce the pressure feeding the carbs. I have other things, LED bulbs (need to change the flasher unit) and a couple of other things that make life easier and less hassle. It’s my daily driver, going to work or whatever. We have another car for the shopping runs but the Chesil is my car for whatever requirement. A ride through Richmond park with my black lab, Freddie (he loves it) I have a proper harness for him which locks into the static seat belts in the back.

I have no intention of replacing this car and as long as I can get in and out, I’ll keep it. I don’t know about other peoples’ experience but I’ve never had a problem with water getting in through the’s a soft top so there’s gaps but never wet inside......


  • 1800 cc Arnie Levics (re-built my existing engine)
  • Petronics Electronic Ignition (including coil)
  • Discs in front, drums rear (works OK for me)
  • Fuel cut off (on impact)
  • Pioneer head unit, plays from my MP3 and discs.
  • Heated screen
  • Temperature dipstick from “”
  • Badges for 356 Speedster -  appropriate.
  • SS luggage rack with straps.
  • SS baby moons
  • Removed sump extension – can’t live with one in London, kept scraping the thing on sleeping policemen.
  • Added secondary releases for both bonnet and boot (cable brake a problem – now have back-up)Have carpets over the originals – to keep them nice.
  • Centre dash clock.
  • Mesh covered headlights with a security bolt – have you seen the price of a headlight assembly ?
  • Gel battery, has worked great. Trickle charge unit keeps it charged.
  • Wind up windows
  • SS silencer box

RHZ 1356


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