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VW NW Car Show

Tatton Park, Cheshire - Sunday 6th August 2017

The VW North West Car Show is held at Tatton Park in Knutsford, Cheshire every year, and this year's show did not disappoint.  Tatton Park holds a few car shows each year (Classic Car / American Classic Car / VWNW), but after visiting all of them this year, I have to say that this was my favourite and not just because I was showing my silver Chesil (Lula)!  The reason I liked the show was because it had something for everyone.  For the purist there were original classic VWs aplenty in both bus, bug, Karmann Ghia form and beyond.  For the custom fan, there were both modern and classic custom cars from bugs, to buses, Baja bugs, Polos, Golfs and even some Passats.

My particular favourites were the VW camper vans and buses, and it never ceases to amaze me the lengths that people go to, to customise or just personalise their vehicles.  There were some magnificent examples with Hawaiian touches, classic 50s surf buses and even an ‘ultimate rolling man-cave’, and the attention to detail displayed was to behold!  Also represented at the show were Audis, Porsches, beach buggies, modern vans, pickups, and something I am growing to like and respect – ‘Rat-Rods’.  These are the vehicles with patena, rust, dents, scratches and general signs of a good life!  Some have even taken the ‘Rat-Rod’ look and applied it to modern cars such as TT’s, New Beetles and modern Audis.


Report by Rick Bennett - 7th August 2017

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This was the first time I had actually shown my Chesil at a large show, and I have to say it really drew the crowds in.  I entered it into the ‘hand-built’ class and shared my plot alongside another left-hand drive Speedster and a remarkable hand-built Porsche 911, made by ‘Corvin’.  I was excited to not be the only Speedster at the show, as many of the club events are unfortunately for me down South, so I don’t get to meet many other Speedster owners.  However, the other Speedster owner was absent from his vehicle all day so I never got to ask all the questions I had for him!!!  It was a beautiful Porsche Ruby Red, with luggage rack and wicker basket and also left hand drive.  I actually spoke to another Speedster owner who hadn’t brought his car, but he informed me that he thought it was a US import.  It was a beautiful classic on the outside, but inside had modern stereo speakers, and stereo radio on the dashboard with modern dash buttons and custom window winders.

I had a busy day answering questions from interested parties who had a varying range of knowledge, which made the whole experience extremely enjoyable.  The conversations ranged from ‘is it real?’ to ‘is it a Chesil?’ to ‘is this the kind of car James Dean died in?’, to ‘OMG your car is just beautiful!’.  I had to explain to a few people that it was a VW Beetle in a ‘pretty dress’ and some of them were completely surprised, which was great!  As I am sure most of you experience, the Speedsters draw the crowds and admiring comments, glances and multiple photos which just adds to their appeal.  Later in the day I saw another Speedster (pastel yellow), this time for-sale and tucked away in a corner of the show ground but alas I couldn’t find the owner to have a chat. 

All in all it was a great day, with plenty of interest in the Speedster and at last I have seen some other Speedsters in the North West.  Next year it would be great if we could get a small presence at the show, as they really are well appreciated and I would also appreciate the company!!!

Rick Bennett (Manchester - Owner of Silver Chesil PGU 674K)    

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