2017 Club Events

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National Kit Car Show - Our Club Day & AGM

Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire - Sunday 30th April 2017

I arrived shortly after Len Raynsford and Gerald Rigby having driven down from Donington where I spent an enjoyable couple of days at the Historic Festival with Tipec and even got to drive my car round the track.

Soon we were joined by Tony Tucker in his always immaculate car and Rob Jones in his magnificent Intermeccanica.

While Tony was getting his Bra off, a whole convoy of cars followed, led by new member Ketan Hirani who no longer has the Chesil he acquired a month or so ago but now owns the beautiful pale blue Vintage Speedster previously owned by Club Member Bob Wilkinson. Lots of original and correct features and the best panel shut lines at the show.

Anthony Dowdall arrived in his rebuilt 550 Spyder with its 914 engine and a 5-speed gearbox. Lots of nice detail in this car - particularly the banjo wheel, the Vintage Speed replica handbrake and the amazing exhaust.

Vernon Mortimer, the founder of the Club came in his ex-demonstrator Chesil - the Starter Motor - the one that started the Club - and the maroon paintwork is still in superb original condition after 25 years.

Next in line was Richard Maxwell's Carrera Speedster. The detailing and engineering on this car are superb - just what I want my car to be when time and funds permit - really picks up the spirit of the original Speedsters.

The next car I looked at was Paul Smith's Tygan Speedster - I really like his Red 9 suspension and rack & pinion steering.

Touring the Halls there were lots of dealers displaying their wares and it was a good opportunity to pick up parts and accessories that you didn't know you needed. Chesil had two cars on display which were extremely well prepared, but Peter Bailey was nowhere to be found.

The Pilgrim Stand displayed a car which was a prototype of a limited run of 10 special Speedsters to be produced in association with To-Ta Classics (Fuzz Townshend) at a price of (only) £39,995. They are also offering a Speedster Kit but I am a bit suspicious of the level of support they can give builders in negotiating the IVA process.

When Pilgrim say things like "a stunning replica of the 1959-1962 (T5 Body) 356B Porsche Speedster" my confidence falls further. Club Members will know that only pre A and 356A Speedsters existed and they were only produced between 1954 and 1958. No such thing as a 356B Speedster.


Report by John Mercer - 1st May 2017

click on any image to enlarge

Lucie Steed won the 'Best Car in Show' award and the Silver Salver was presented by Rob Jones our Club Administrator. Lucie's car was absolutely immaculate and had every extra that Chesil could supply (except after sales service). Below is another pic of Lucie's car with Paul Newton-Smith's wonderful 356C in the background.

Gerald Rigby received the well deserved runner-up prize of a year's free subscription to TKC magazine for his amazing Street Beetle Speedster pictured below which he built 27 years ago and is now sadly for sale.

This car but has a Porsche engine from a 356C and many Porsche parts including suspension & brakes and a 901 dog-leg gearbox.

I've chatted John Jackson before but have never seen the Chesil Convertible D he took over from Rob Jones, in the flesh. Perfect black paintwork and the perfect registration no POR 356A.

Another person who's car I have admired from afar but never met is Michael Kempster in his lovelty red Speedster. I talked to Michael about all the original parts he had sourced for his car and he has been adding new parts and original features over many years - most impressive of all for me was the under-dash handbrake - just as on the original - brilliant car.

The amazing thing about these shows is the ideas and inspiration you pick up from seeing what other enthusiast have managed to do with their cars.

Tony Woodfield's lovely red Banham 550 above was another welcome arrival. I have not seen Tony since Sywell and his car looked as good as ever.

Kate and Paul Blewitt's car above was another immaculate silver Chesil.

Unfortunately I did not neet the owner of this Chesil but remember it used to belong to Nick Hayward - can the owner contact me to confirm?

Ian Roy's immaculate Chesil Speedster with rather neat hood cover.

Wandering around the show I can across this nice 550 Spyder - I do not have a record of the owner whio is not a Club Member - yet.

This was a huge event covering a very large area and I spent a couple of hours exploring the various Club pitches - all very well supported.

In the afternoon we held our AGM in one of the seminar rooms in the main building. We discussed finances, items brought forward from last year, events, our website and FaceBook presence and membership recruitment. We probably need to have a bit more time next year to have a more in-depth discussion about how the Club could develop and grow.

After the AGM we have a last look around the cars and then people started to make their way home. I'm afraid I had my hood up almost all of the way but the car did well on what was a 415 mile round trip.


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