2017 Club Events

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Blackmore Vale Classic Revival

Henstridge Airfield, Somerset - Saturday 1st July 2017

This event has only been in existence for a few years and this was the club’s first visit. And what a fine show it was! Of course, a day of red-hot blazing sunshine always makes things better, but this was a return to a “proper” classic car show, with added interest supplied by historic aircraft.

Several club members from the Somerset area were in attendance, the venue being in their part of the country, but other members travelled from further afield, although Len Raynsford had the advantage of staying with a relative nearby. Paul Smith and I met on the M3 and journeyed across country, the only difficulty being when we found the event to be poorly signposted and sat-navs taking us to a farmer’s field at least a mile from where we wanted to be!

Henstridge airfield is a run-down place, with a control hut and tea rooms looking as though even a drastic restoration would not save them from falling down! The food and drink available was excellent, however.

An old Tiger Moth, plus several veteran single-seater planes and one or two helicopters were in action all day, some offering rides for those wishing to book them. After lunch, a Hurricane appeared for a fly-past and there were various air displays by loop-the-loopers trailing smoke behind them.

Martin Burge and I were able to compare watches, the only known examples of a Porsche (or in my case, Speedster) 356 watch made by a company in America, who not surprisingly ceased trading years ago – after all, they made our customised watches for the massive sum of $25 each (and that included postage!)

As for the cars, we were treated to the best line-up of historic vehicles that I have seen for some time. Among those that took my eye (how long have you got?!) were a huge number of pre and post-war MGs, a fine display of Sunbeam Talbots, many different Triumphs, including a Roadster with dickey seat (not the only one to be seen on the day!) and all the TR sports cars, pre-war Rovers, a stunning 1940s Jaguar Mark IV, along with a Mark V, a lovely Abarth, a boat-tailed Lagonda (with supercharger on the floor in front of the gear stick!), Ford V8 Pilot, massive 1920s Bentley, Heinkel bubble car (with key on the back!), Aston Martin DB3, a Marauder (only 15 built, all on Rover chassis), pre-war Bugatti and Alvis, and a huge Hotchkiss, complete with rust and centre accelerator (imagine trying to hit that tiny pedal below and between the larger brake and clutch pedals!)


Report by Tony Tucker, Events Co-ordinator

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Add to all those several Austin Healeys (100 and 3000), a Morgan 3 wheeler, 1950s Vauxhall Velox and Cresta, some elegant Lancia saloons and two Chevrolets - a pick-up and a two-tone saloon - and you can see how spoilt we were for classic cars.

What a great show – and a 135 mile drive home for me with hood down all the way and sunshine right into the evening! Not much doubt that we’ll be back next year!

Tony Tucker

Events Co-ordinator

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