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Autumn Classic Breakfast at Brooklands

Sunday 29th October 2017

I've now been to several of these breakfast meetings at Brooklands - all the museums, attractions and aircraft are open as usual but if you turn up early at the Campbell Gate in a classic car you get a free breakfast included in the admission fee.

I was parked in the Paddock and met up first with new member Eugene Ghent who had driven down from Dunstable in his immaculate ivory Chesil that used to belong to Chris Wibrew. We then met up with Paul Smith who was parked round the back of the museums and went off for an enjoyable breakfast and chat.  We then came across Peter Greenwood who had driven his dark green Apal from Hayes in Middlesex. We managed to move the cars around so we were all parked together.

Eugene Ghent with his immaculate car

note that Paul's Tygan features not only Red9 Design suspension but also Christmas lights!

Peter Greenwoods Apal has an interesting history. It has spent 16 years in storage since the passing of his brother who originally built the car. Peter has been re-commisioning and restoring the car since April this year and it looks magnificent.


Report by John Mercer

click on any image to enlarge

After wandering around the car displays and museums, we all watched the action on the Test Hill where braver drivers than me tried to make as much speed as possible up the hill without actually taking off at the top,

We finally departed after a very interesting morning.  The weather stayed mostly sunny apart from one brief shower and I was able to keep the top down all the way home round the M25, M26 and M25 to Maidstone - a great venue and excellent company

There are several of these breakfast meetings each year and Brooklands is easy to get to from Junction 10 of the M25.  Hope we can plan a convoy and arrive and park together next year. If it's not actually snowing, I would encourage Members to try and make the New Year's Day Gathering at Brooklands - a brilliant hangover cure!

John Mercer

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