2016 Club Events

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Castle Combe Action Day

25th June 2016

The plan was for seven of us to meet up with Tony Tucker at Chievely Services on the M4 and then have a cross country cruise to the circuit.

In the event only Tony and I turned up as some people had to pull out and others decided to go straight to the circuit. The second rather 'risque' shot above was taken after Tony removed his bra. Amazingly bumped into Club Member William Welch at the Services, who was on his way to Goodwood, but when no-one else turned up, Tony and I decided to do the cruise anyway and very enjoyable it was.

When we arrived at the circuit we were directed to an area at least a quarter of a mile away from the main paddock where we expected to be. While Tony went off to berate the organisers, Vernon turned up and said there was space in the paddock so we all abandoned our allocated spot and migrated to the paddock.

Gerald Dawson's blue Covin was parked next to Venon Mortimers burgundy Chesil.

Len Raynsford's silver Chesil next to Tony Tucker's glacier green car

Paul Smith's silver Tygan next to Phil Hill's white TPC


click on any image to enlarge

There was quite a lot of track action going on and Phil and I both enjoyed some parade laps.

Although these were carried out at relatively gentle speeds we both found the experience extremely enjoyable ...

... and were dissapointed when we finally had to leave the track.

So much so that Phil hired a helmet and went out on some much faster track laps. He clearly had a great time. I chickened out as I knew I had a steering problem which I had not had time to fix before the trip.

This was a really enjoyable event, I met lots of club members for the first time including Ron Temperton who has sold his Spyder but still came along to watch. I saw a good selection of classic and sports cars, but Tony told me there were less classics than in previous years and more emphasis on 'Kit Cars' whatever they are! We are promised a paddock parking allocation next year so this will definitely be on my list of events to attend in 2017.

Towards the end of the day, after previously fine weather, the skies opened and Tony and I had a long drive back in torrential rain. An interesting experience to say the least - I relied on liberal applications of 'RainAway' rather than my wipers which I have generaly found provide more amusement than function in heavy rain.

John Mercer

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