2013 Club Events

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TIPEC at the Narional Heritage Museum
Sunday 8th September 2013
(including our AGM at Wellesbourne on 7th September)

Report from Tony Tucker, Events Co-ordinator                                                        

The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club returned to the Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon this year and on a later date because of celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of their club.  Rob Jones took advantage of the event to arrange our own AGM on the same weekend.  After the best summer on record, in terms of weather at club events, we noted that the forecast for the weekend predicted heavy rain, but (hooray!) we had none and maintained our record of sunshine at every show this year.

The AGM was held on the Saturday at Rob’s company offices in Wellesbourne and was extremely well attended, with 19 present (including Vernon by telephone link) and a total of 10 Speedsters (yet again, no Spyders!) lined up in the car park.  After the meeting, Rob had arranged for us to visit the iconic Vulcan bomber at Wellesbourne Airfield, a rare survivor of a famous aircraft, looked after by volunteers and open to the public to visit.

Our cars were given pride of place in front of the Vulcan, where a photo-shoot took place.  We were then divided into groups of three or four and taken up the ladders into the cockpit of the airplane - a quite amazing experience, with a mind-boggling array of instruments, plus ludicrously cramped and uncomfortable conditions, which earned our admiration for the men who piloted and manned the plane during its time as our country’s leading bomber and carrier of huge nuclear payloads for several decades after the Second World War.

The story of how the plane came to be there was also narrated.   After it had been de-commissioned, it was bought by an entrepreneur who flew it to Wellesbourne, landing under military regulations on a 3000ft runway (the plane normally needed 10,000 feet) but then being refused permission by civil air authorities to take off again.  So there it stayed, decaying and neglected by its money-strapped owner until it was taken over by volunteers and restored to become the attraction that it is today.

After the visit and AGM, a number of us shared dinner and drinks together in the Walton Hall Hotel, where we stayed the night before the TIPEC show on the Sunday. 


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As always, TIPEC welcomed us and our cars proved a huge attraction to visitors, despite the hundreds of Porsches of every type that were present and the many dealers and sellers of accessories also at the show.  One other Speedster showed up, parked between many other types of Porsche, a very battered old Chesil with a “for sale” sign on the screen.  We were all of the opinion that it might make a good project at a price (we guessed) of £5000 or £6000.  Somewhat of a surprise, therefore, when we read the details and saw the asking price of £16,500!

It is several years since I last went into the Museum, but it is a truly great celebration of British cars through the ages.  There were far too many to list here, but almost every famous manufacturer over the last 100+ years was represented, with many prototype and concept cars on display, as well as Lady Penelope’s pink supercar from Thunderbirds.

Continuing the weekend’s aircraft theme, a daring stunt pilot cavorted over the TIPEC show in a bi-plane, trailing smoke from its tail and performing many loop-the-loops and upside-down aerobatics for our entertainment.  For those with keen eyes, two fine buzzards gave a not-dissimilar display above the tree-tops (though without the smoke trails!)

All in all, the weekend went exceptionally well and we now look forward to next weekend’s Porsche Picnic at Wellington Country Club.  Will we complete the outdoor season with a 100% record on the weather?

Tony Tucker - Events Co-ordinator

Some of the fantastic cars in the Heritage Motor Museum:


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