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National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh Park

5th/6th May 2013

Report from Tony Tucker, Events Co-ordinator                                                        

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At last!  For the first time for 8 years, according to my records, we had superb weather at Stoneleigh!  Sunday was very good, but Bank Holiday Monday was even better, with hot sunshine all day.

So – where were all the cars?!  On Sunday, there was a total of 17 Speedsters on our site (against a historic average of over 30), with a maximum of 14 at any one time.  And not a Spyder to be seen all day – which was particularly unfortunate as several punters showed up hoping to see one, in a couple of cases because they were about to build one themselves.  But not a Spyder in sight all weekend!

We knew there were going to be one or two absentees among the “regulars”, for different reasons, but it is hard to understand why more club members were not in attendance.  Even the faithful Udo Guddat, who has made the pilgrimage from Germany every year since way back in the 1990s, was missing.

Numbers were even more disappointing on Monday, with only half a dozen cars showing up and several leaving early.  As my photo shows, at 2pm on the sunniest  Bank Holiday Monday in my experience at Stoneleigh (i.e. since at least 2002), my car was the only one left for visitors to admire – and there were plenty of enthusiasts dropping in to talk about the cars. 

Encouragingly, several of these were currently trying to buy Speedsters or Spyders and several others were currently in the process of building their own cars.  These included club member Pat Cunnington, from Devon, who is at present working on his Sammio Spyder and was in attendance at Stoneleigh on both Sunday and Monday.


On Sunday, it was good to see new member Abi Tansey in the bright yellow Speedster that she had owned for precisely 25 hours when she arrived on the site in a car known to many of us as having belonged to Paul Alibone, who came to Stoneleigh in it last year.  Originally a Pilgrim, it has been much improved by Gary Blundell of Speedster Clinic.

Gerald Rigby was again at the show to display his highly original Street Beetle Speedster, which is one of the most “original” of all replicas with a majority of original Porsche parts, and also completes for the title of “longest time taken to build”, as Gerald took 19 years, if memory serves, to complete the project.

Another car of note was the “Speedster 2” belonging to Nick Hayward, who was present with his wife and son on both days.  Members may remember this car from some years ago, when it was one of a very few Chesils adapted by Studio G and sold at shows around the country (quite a number having been sold, according to the company - now extinct – but only four ever having been seen!)

There were also two superb silver Speedsters that were new to me, a stunning, very original, left hand drive Vintage Speedster (opposite), whose owner, Matt, was a lapsed club member from a few years ago, and another car lovingly built by Nick Schon, with great attention to detail.  These would have been contenders for the “Best in Show” award, but, as both had departed before 3pm, we decided to leave the award until Monday. Unfortunately, there were too few cars on that day to justify making the award at all.  The Martin and Walker salver therefore came home with me and there will be no holder this year, unless Rob decides that we should award it later in the year.  Perhaps Matt (if he rejoins the club) and Nick will come to Castle Combe or TIPEC and we can take another look at these lovely Speedsters.

Among other manufacturers displaying their cars in the exhibition halls were Peter and Viv Bailey, with two superb Speedsters on show.  They seemed to attract plenty of interest – not surprising given the number of times I was told by visitors to the club display that the Speedsters were “the most beautiful cars in the show”!

Last year, I concluded my report on this event with the words that we were surely owed some decent weather at Stoneleigh.  This year, we certainly had it – it was just a shame that there weren’t more of us there to enjoy it!

Tony Tucker - Events Co-ordinator

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