2013 Club Events

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Brooklands Classic Car Show & Retrojumble

Sunday 28th July 2013

Report from Tony Tucker, Events Co-ordinator                                                        

Yet again, we were blessed with hot sunshine at this event, making 5 successive events this year with perfect weather – what a contrast with last year!

Brooklands is surely the most historic and evocative location that the club visits.  The original home of British motor racing, parts of the track still survive, along with the famous hill climb and many of the original buildings.

The clubhouse not only houses many classic cars, but has an old “billiards room” with all the original fittings and furnishings – you can almost smell Sir Malcolm Campbell’s tobacco smoke!  It also has the original urinals from 1907– not, you might think, a great attraction, but these (“not to be used”!) are truly magnificent!

With the 1930s Hillman Minx Club being given prime position in front of the clubhouse, to mark their anniversary, we were put round the back of the museum in front of the old sheds bearing legends such as Bellevue Garage, Douglas of Bristol and W A Cuthbert of Guildford.  “Park anywhere you like, but I’m afraid we can’t move Bluebird” was the useful instruction, as we set up the club pennant next to Campbell’s iconic racer!

Our entrance fee gave us free access to the aircraft and bus museums as well as the legendary motor museum and, of course, the autojumble, where you could buy just about anything car-related. 

All the great Brooklands cars were on display, including Nanette and the famous Napier Railton, as well as numerous huge blower-Bentleys and a 1904 Cadillac which looked somewhat different from the image we now have of that make! 


click on any image to enlarge

At the very moment that Lewis Hamilton was winning at the Hungaroring, I was in the Grand Prix section, viewing F1 cars from pre-war ERAs and Alfas to 1950s Coopers and Maseratis, a 1990s Jordan and a modern MacLaren.  Brooklands staged the first official British Grand Prix in 1926.

Among the club cars on show were fine examples of historic Jaguars, Bristols, Morgans, ACs and Ferraris.  For those with an interest in aviation, you could go on board a Wellington bomber or the Sultan of Oman’s private 1960s jet, or stroll around Concorde or a World War 2 Hurricane.  The museum also has many fine replicas of planes from the early days of aviation.

Another great event – and more to come soon!  Don’t miss Cranleigh in August for a fantastic display of classic cars or TIPEC’s anniversary show at Gaydon’s Heritage Motor Museum in September, where we are planning a weekend to include the club AGM as well.

Tony Tucker - Events Co-ordinator

some more museum shots below:


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