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Porsche Picnic / Cars at the Course
Sunday 23rd September 2012

Report from Tony Tucker, Events Co-ordinator                                        

Every event (bar TIPEC) this season has been plagued by rain, but we finally had several weeks of an Indian summer (when, ironically, we had no events to attend!) and Saturday, 22nd September was a sunny day which I spent in a t-shirt in my garden.  So the next day’s Porsche Picnic, last outdoor event of the year, was surely at last going to be bathed in sunshine!

Er…no!  I’m up at 6.30 and arriving at Windsor Racecourse just after 8am.  Will I be in time to secure a good spot for the club display, before the hundreds of Porsches flood into the show?  Yes I will – because the lady on the gate tells me I’m the first car to arrive and can park anywhere I like in the large field next to the race track (see top photo above, entitled “loneliness”!)

An hour later, I’ve been joined by Len, Rob and Paul, but the skies don’t look good and it’s pretty cold - but the bacon rolls are the best of the entire year!  And we’re joined by a guy in a chocolate brown 356 SC Coupe.  “Nice to see an original”, I comment.  “Only a third of it”, he replies, “I’ve had to replace at least two thirds of the car because of rust!”

Half past ten and there is a conspicuous absence of Porsches, where last year there were (literally) hundreds by this time.  Surely they haven’t been put off by the weather forecast, which was not good?  They obviously had, because the skies then opened and, after two hours getting drenched, we gave up and went home.  Total cars in the entire show?  Approx 25

What have we done this summer to offend the gods?  Only TIPEC had no rain and the entire year is best forgotten as far as I am concerned, with the exception of the marvellous cruise over the Wiltshire Downs to Castle Combe, led by Martin Hunter in June (it didn’t rain till a bit later that day!).


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But there was still time for a further sting in the tail!  I followed Rob Jones home, in pouring rain and very poor visibility.  As he turned off the M25 onto the A3, I thought about whether to follow or to take my alternative route home via the next junction.  Fortunately (for Rob), I chose to follow him, which was just as well, because, 200 yards up the A3, his car came to a dead stop!

“I’m not sure what the problem is, but the fuel gauge is showing empty” said our revered Leader.  This, in my experience, is often an indication that your car is out of petrol!

The good news was that we were off the motorway and only a mile or two from a garage.  The bad news, however, was that we were on a dual carriageway, with no hard shoulder, only a narrow verge to partially pull on to, and it was chucking down with rain, with two lanes of traffic hurtling by at 70 mph.  Try pushing a speedster off the inside lane of a major road in these conditions and you quickly realise the hazards posed to your life expectancy, not to mention that of your car.

Squeezing Rob into my passenger seat (not easy, given the amount of stuff I was carrying, having expected to be on my own), I drove him to the aforementioned garage, where he bought both petrol and a can to carry it in.  Back down the dual carriageway, round under the M25 and back up the other side of the A3 and Rob merely had to fill up, whilst praying that no idiot wiped him out before he’d finished the job.

I still had the problem of driving home through several places where there were great lakes of lying water, which splashed into the front of the car, leaving me, on arrival, with the job of completely emptying the inside of the car and the boot of all contents, lifting the carpets and putting on a hot fan to dry out the interior!

2012?  Forget it!

Tony Tucker - Events Co-ordinator

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