2012 Club Events

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Castle Combe - Saturday 30th June 2012

Report from Tony Tucker, Events Co-ordinator                                                        
As could have been expected from this miserable apology of a summer, Castle Combe suffered from a certain amount of rain, but fortunately not enough to spoil the event, with sunshine interrupting the clouds and no heavy rain until the afternoon.  However, to date, TIPEC still remains the only event with really good weather this year!

Despite several last-minute cry-offs, we had 10 Speedsters on display and were, as usual, one of the most prominent clubs at the show.  Several of us met, as in previous years, at Membury Services and drove down in convoy, but this year with a difference!  Inspired by the recommendation of “local man” Martin Hunter, we took a cross-country route, led by Martin, avoiding the motorway.  Wow – what a great experience!  It’s no exaggeration to say that this was one of the best cruises I’ve been on in 11 years with the club.

Starting off heading in totally the wrong direction it seemed, we wound our way over the Wiltshire downs through Marlborough, past historic sites such as Silsbury Hill and West Kennet long barrow, (among the largest and oldest pre-historic burial sites in Europe), and across some of the most stunning scenery the English roads have to offer.  This was a journey that might well become a feature of future years’ events at Castle Combe!

As to the show itself, numbers were clearly up on last year, with more cars and many more stalls in evidence.  This year there was a special section of antiques, crafts and collectables, as well as dealers in motor parts and accessories.

As usual, it was quite entertaining to watch the boy racers on their speed laps, with the occasionally wet track providing for extra excitement.  There were several impressive shunts which meant that the day’s schedule ran a little late and our members were kept waiting for some time before getting on to the track for the parade lap.


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Among the fine cars to be seen, a pre-war Alfa Romeo caught my eye, as did some impressive Jaguars from the 1950s and 60s, several outrageous Marcos and a good turn-out by the TVR club.  MGs, Mercedes and Austin Healeys were also well represented and the finest lap on the track was surely that by the Cadbury’s Cream Egg!!

This was another good Castle Combe event, made particularly memorable by the early morning cruise and well supported by club members, even in the absence of one or two “regulars” who were not able to be there.  Julian Delaney deserves a special mention for driving down from Sheffield in his home-built Chesil Speedster with Alfa Romeo water-cooled engine, despite a breakdown which caused a substantial delay – he arrived in the early afternoon!

Next stop – Brooklands!  See you there?

Tony Tucker - Events Co-ordinator

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