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Brooklands RetroJumble - Sunday 5th August 2012

Report from Tony Tucker, Events Co-ordinator                                        

After a miserable summer during which only the TIPEC meeting has seen proper sunshine, it was a relief to wake up to early morning blue skies and to set off for Brooklands with the hood down and sunglasses on – at last, an event blessed with great weather!  Wrong again!!  Half-way there and the heavens opened, up went the hood and we all spent the morning at the historic racetrack hiding from the rain (mostly in the restaurant where hot food and drinks were welcomed).

Fortunately, the sun eventually came out and we ended the day in magnificent style, with Rob and Paul’s decision to turn up wearing shorts looking rather more sensible than it had done a few hours earlier!  Our cars were again given a prominent spot in front to the iconic clubhouse, with historic aeroplanes looming close by.

There was a good turnout of classic cars, including some fine ACs, Austins, MGs and Jaguars and our £10 entrance fee gave us access to the motor and aircraft museums, as well as to the recently-opened bus museum, the Brooklands shop and the autojumble.  Numerous bargains were picked up and we spent some hours just soaking up (no pun intended!) the atmosphere of this most evocative of all historic racetracks.

The motor museum, with its original workshops lovingly restored to the condition they were in when Malcolm Campbell, Parry Thomas, Henry Seagave et al were ever-presents, never fail to impress and the new bus museum presented a large number of buses from the 19th century through to the present day, many of them bringing back memories (for those of us old enough to remember!) of a childhood when they were the principal mode of travel.


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As the weather improved and the hoods went down, we had a good number of visitors inspecting our cars and asking questions.  We also had time to relax and listen to Len giving Paul a complete run-down on the advantages and disadvantages of a light flywheel and to Peter telling his joke about the pikeys queuing at the gates of heaven (I’m sure you’ve heard him tell it at Stoneleigh Park, but the punchline is St Peter telling God “they’ve gone”, God says “what, the pikeys” and St Peter says “no, the gates”)

So, it was off home in bright sunshine with the hood down and the sunglasses back on again!  All in all, not bad for this summer!

Tony Tucker - Events Co-ordinator

More pics below ...

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