2009 Club Events

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Annual Planning Meeting - March 2009

Report from Tony Tucker, Events Co-ordinator

Well, we're up and running for 2009 with an APM attended by a record number of members. The first APM I attended (in 2002), had, I think, 6 people present. This year there were 25, which shows how the club's activities have grown in recent years. 22 of these members were present at the Saturday night dinner and drinks at the Sidcot Arms hotel, an event that didn't happen at all until a few years ago.

Apart from the Saturday night, when an actor who looked exactly like me was persuaded to pose with a huge ice-cream dessert which no mortal could possibly have eaten alone, there was further excellent food available, courtesy of Yvonne, after the APM meeting on Sunday morning and then again with tea after the Pose in the afternoon.

The Pose, with its eagerly anticipated guided tour of rural Somerset by Vernon, took us this year along the coast to Clevedon. Two sudden flurries of a very sharp sleet/hail caused some discomfort to the occupants of all but one of the Speedsters - the exception being (you've guessed it) our intrepid leader whose hood was firmly up!

The expected debut of Rob Jones' celebrated Intermeccanica, alas, did not materialise. Rob has postponed this event until Stoneleigh Park (is that 2009, Rob?) after he had to resort to the Merc for the APM, on the understandable basis that a 300 mile round trip is easier in a car working on more than 3 cylinders.


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Apart from the brief sleet showers , the Pose was most enjoyable, but Len Raynsford and I had an experience never to be forgotten when driving home that evening. Having thought last year that the appalling non-stop rain, wind and almost nil visibility was the worst driving conditions possible in a Speedster, we easily beat that record this year with over half of our 4 hour journey being in heavy snow and (almost literally at times) no view of the road beyond about 10 yards ahead!

When we were forced to stop to de-ice the cars, the black bra on my Speedster was completely white with a 1 inch deep covering of snow, the wind-screen was solid ice where the wipers (wipers? Ho ho ho!) had pushed the snow into a block on the side of the screen (the wipers, of course, only covering half of the driver's side in the first place, as you well know). And my headlights had a solid coating of snow/ice all over, which explained why I had seen nothing at all for a great many miles, other than Len's tail-lights if I peered really intently through the windscreen.

Anyway, Hermes is now completely washed, polished and dried out (including carpets) and managed the whole 349.6 mile round trip without the engine missing a beat. How much less fun it would have been in the Golf!


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